When going on holiday you can lower the temperature of your home for the duration of your holiday, but set Digistat+3 to return to your normal programming ready for your return. Holiday mode works by counting down the days or hour until your return.

Time periods of between 1 to 24hr then 1 day to 199 days can be set.


I am ready to leave for my 2 week (14 day) holiday and would like the house temperature held at a constant 10.0 oC during this time and on my return the house temperature will be already running at my normal pre-set temperature.

To enter Holiday mode press the < button until the pointer is indicating HOL. The temperature will flash and by pressing the + or – buttons you can change to the temperature required ( in this example to 10.0 oC).

Then press < again to set the time period (in this example 14 days) using the + or – buttons. (it would be advisable in this example to set the time period 1 day less (13 days) to ensure the house temperature is back to normal on your return). Once you have set your time period the time will flash for 10 seconds and then start the holiday period. To exit the Holiday mode press either < or > to return to auto mode.

When changing time the display will scroll through Hr (Hours) 1-24 then d (Days) 1-99.

The display will show holiday time period and set temperature.

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