Information about increasing rents can be found in this blog article How to increase the rent for an assured shorthold tenancy

A word of caution about increasing rents…

…It is reasonable that rent levels can change in line with market values. However, rent increases need to be treated with caution. Rent increases are never welcomed by tenants so inevitably have a negative effect on the landlord–tenant relationship. If a tenant feels they are no longer getting good value for money, even a small rent increase can be a trigger for the tenant to move. This is especially true if the increase takes the rent level above the market value. Many experienced landlords very rarely increase the rent as they like to keep their tenants in occupation; they know that a good tenant is worth keeping. Generally, if tenants have been good tenants, we recommend landlords do not increase the rent in the first five years of a tenancy. Further, we recommend landlords do not increase the rent if the property needs modernising, needs redecorating or has outstanding repairs.

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