The tenant agrees not to alter the appearance or decoration or structure of the property or its fixture or fittings or contents (if any) either internally or externally without first obtaining the prior written consent of the landlord or his agent. Such consent will not be unreasonably withheld.

For Full Management properties a tenant can request consent to decorate online using the Consent to Decorate Request form.

Any consent given would be subject to the tenant agreeing to the following conditions:

• all surfaces to be decorated will be properly prepared and suitable materials will be used to protect the property from damage

• they will pay the cost of all materials, tools and equipment and all materials, tools and equipment used will be suitable for the work

• the work will be carried out to a professional standard and they will take full responsibility for poor workmanship or damage caused or they will be liable for the reasonable costs of rectifying poor workmanship or damage

• they will take full responsibility for any loss or personal injury caused as a result of the work.

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Can a tenant decorate the property?
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