Outsourcing tenant referencing is a common practice in the lettings industry. Jungle property require all our applicants provide comprehensive references (many letting agents will only require a sub-set of what we require e.g. credit score) and employ tenant referencing specialists to undertake this important task. As specialists, the tenant referencing company have the tools and expertise and access to quality data to ensure the tenant reference is accurate.

The key components of the tenant reference are:

  • Identity Verification – cross-reference of Equifax’s database to determine the identity of the individual and present the applicant’s address history which may differ to what has been provided by the tenant. Also check of the Electoral Roll.
  • Check for Adverse Credit – CCJs, IVAs and bankruptcies
  • Check Employment Details – validate income and employment direct with employer and/or accountant
  • Obtain Landlord References
  • Check Previous Credit Enquiries – searches carried out by Debt Management companies. Any Debt Management company searches found will indicate a history of bad debt.
  • Mortality Check – checked against multiple sources to verify mortality status

Whilst it is possible tenant referencing could be done in-house the additional cost (training, manpower and tools/data access) make outsourcing a cost-effective way of producing high quality references.

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