If any part of the electrical or heating installation in your property is defective please raise a repair request here.

Before raising a repair request……

  1. Ensure you understand the operation of the night storage heater and are using it correctly – check the operating manual for the heater and the information and video linked below. An operating manual should have been provided at the start of your tenancy and should be available in this Knowledgebase. If you do not have a copy of the manual, please contact us with details of the make and model and we will try to source a copy for you.
  2. Where possible only use cheaper (night-rate) Economy 7 electricity – night storage heaters work best if the household is on an Economy 7 tariff – This is an arrangement with an energy supplier by which the electricity that a household uses at night is much cheaper than that used during the day – typically about a third of the price. Electricity used at the day-rate is much more expensive than that used at the night-rate.
  3. Make sure the meter is set to the right time – night storage heaters only charge up at night utilising cheaper (night-rate) electricity. Although energy suppliers are not specifically required to check meter clocks they must take ‘reasonable steps’ to ensure the accuracy of the meter. So if you suspect there might be a fault then you should contact your energy company and they will be obliged to investigate.
  4. Change to a cheaper supplier – see link to Knowledgebase article below

Please be aware, if you raise a repair request and no fault is found with the electrical or heating installation you will be charged for the costs incurred in deploying a contractor(s).

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