Any recommendation to a landlord to relax the frequency of periodic inspections from every three months to a frquency of every six or twelve months would be based on our assessment of the tenant’s level of compliance with the terms of the tenancy agreement but most notably the tenant’s compliance with the following covenants:

  • To keep the interior of the Property during the term in as good and clean state of repair condition and decoration as the Property was in at the commencement of the tenancy;
  • To notify the Landlord or his Agent as immediately as is practicable of any defect, damage or disrepair which develops or occurs at the Property or any communal areas, approach roads or passageways adjacent to or leading to the Property and any other facilities provided by the Landlord which might be, or might reasonably be expected to become, a hazard or danger to life or limb or to the fabric of the Property itself.

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