1. Check any e-mail junk or spam folders where e-mail believed to be junk or spam is sent

Still not found the e-mail…

2. Contact Jungle Property via e-mail – details here. We will check if the e-mail was sent and sent to the right e-mail address

Still not found the e-mail…

3. Contact your e-mail provider and ask them to investigate why our e-mail was received by them but has not appeared in your inbox.

In the majority of cases where an e-mail was not received, investigations find that the e-mail was sent, was sent to the correct address and was received by the recipients e-mail server but the recipients e-mail provider has not delivered the e-mail to the recipients inbox (particularly hotmail, BTinternet and AOL) – this is completely outside our control and should be taken up with your e-mail provider.

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I have not received an e-mail I was expecting from Jungle Property what should I do?
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