1. Contractors are employed by the landlord, or his agent, and instructed to carry out specified jobs only. Contractors are not employed by and should not take instructions from tenants. The exception being if the tenant is employing and paying the contractor for some private work.

2. The landlord may not have a statutory or contractual obligation to undertake the work requested and may be unwilling to undertake this work.

3. The work may involve preparatory work e.g. Risk assessment

4. The contractor may not be the preferred contractor for this particular work.

5. The work requested may be covered by a warranty, guarantee or insurance policy or may have only recently been repaired by another contractor.

6. The work may be required as a result of a tenant breach of contract or may be a tenant repairing obligation.

7. The landlord may require quotations or estimates for the work beforehand and may want to know why the work is required.

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