An example Tenancy Agreement is provided at all viewings and the Tenancy Agreement for each tenancy is sent to each tenant before the Tenancy Agreement is sent to each tenant for review and signing so ample opportunity is provided for tenants to question any conditions in the Tenancy Agreement before they sign it. After the Tenancy Agreement is signed we are always happy to clarify anything a tenant feels is not clear.

Regarding drains, our Tenancy Agreements make it clear under Section 11-14 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (as amended) imposes obligations on the landlord to keep in repair the (amongst other things) drains at the property. Under the terms of our Tenancy Agreements, tenants agree to take care not to put, or allow to be put, any damaging oil, grease or other harmful or corrosive substances into the drains and to keep the drains clear and not to cause blockage. Detailed information about keeping drains clear of waste is provided in our Tenant Information Pack provided at the start of the initial tenancy.

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