We aim to satisfy all repair requests as quickly as is possible. Under normal circumstances the following repairs completion performance standards will be achieved:

  • Priority One – Emergency Repairs: repairs required in order to avoid anything which might be, or might reasonably be expected to become a hazard or danger to life or limb or to the fabric of the property itself – within 24 hours of report of defect. In circumstances where this is not practicable, we will make best temporary arrangements.
  • Priority Two – Urgent Repairs: repairs to defects which affect your enjoyment of the property – within five working days of report of defect.
  • Priority Three – Non Urgent Repairs: repairs not falling within the above categories – within 28 working days of report of defect.

The actual time taken to complete repairs will be influenced by many factors including:

  • How the repair request is made {repairs requested online are generally completed quicker than repairs requested in other ways}
  • How much detail is provided about the defect {the more detail provided, the quicker the repair will be completed}
  • Availability of suitable contractor
  • Ease of access {the more flexible a tenant is about access, the quicker the repair will be completed e.g. giving consent for unattended contractor access using the management keys will expedite the completion of the repair}
  • Cost of repair {costly repairs will require the approval of the landlord}
  • Size and complexity of the repair
  • Landlord instructions {e.g. To obtain multiple quotations, for all repairs to be completed by the landlord}
  • Where replacement parts are required to complete a repair, the completion of the repair may be delayed by the opening hours of stockists and the availability of the parts

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