1. Deposit Release Request (DRR)
  2. mydeposits notifies the tenant of the DRR and advises them of their duties to respond.
  3.  If mydeposits have not received a response from the tenant within the required 14 calendar days – member notified and invited to download a copy of the Statutory Declaration template from the Protections area of the online portal for completion.
  4. Member completes Statutory Declaration and signs under oath before sending the Statutory Declaration to mydeposits with details of how the amount claimed has been calculated including particulars of any facts relied on to justify it with any relevant supporting documentation including a valid written tenancy agreement.
  5. Upon receipt of the completed Statutory Declaration, mydeposits will notify the tenant and they will have a further 14 calendar days in which to respond.
  6. If the tenant does not respond within this 14 calendar day period, mydeposits will release the Deposit in accordance with the Statutory Declaration. Any Deposit monies due to the member will be released in accordance with the Statutory Declaration within five working days. Please allow a further five to seven working days for the payment to clear into your bank account.

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