• Income Tax – The Non-resident Landlord Scheme (NRLS) taxes the UK rental income of people whose usual place of abode is outside the UK. Letting agents of a non-resident landlord must deduct tax from the landlord’s UK rental income and pay the tax to HMRC. If a landlord is not using a letting agent and wishes to receive their rental income without tax deducted, they themselves must operate the NRLS.
  • Value Added Tax – This is a tax added to services sold and as our business belongs in the UK and the place of supply of our services is the UK, we must charge UK VAT due and account for it to HMRC regardless of where our customer belongs. Depending on which country you live in, and whether you are business or individual it may be possible to be exempt VAT or offset VAT you pay against your tax liability but this is something for which you would need specialist tax advice in your country of abode.

Further Reading
Place of supply of services (VAT Notice 741A) {HMRC}

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