Yes – for undisputed claims we will, free of charge:

  • Request a repayment on behalf of the landlord using information provided by the landlord;
  • Inform the landlord if a repayment request is rejected by the tenant (DISPUTED CLAIM)

Landlords can initiate the repayment by sending us an SMS message, e-mail or contacting us via telephone using the contact details here. To avoid a dispute, we strongly recommend landlords agree (ideally in writing) any compensation to be deducted from the deposit with the tenant before iniating the repayment.

We will also, free of charge, inform the landlord if the tenant or someone acting on behalf of the tenant has requested a repayment.

Any work in support of a deposit dispute or the Single Claim process is chargeable at our hourly rate as published on our website. Work in support of a dispute includes (but is not limited to) time expended on telephone support, responding to e-mail, visits to our office, examining, producing or re-producing evidence, visits to the property, Post Office or solicitors. The landlord is liable for any third party or other costs e.g. Solicitor signing Statutory Declaration or postage for submitting evidence.

During a Let Only (landlord managed) tenancy we will, free of charge, at the landlord’s request help with the transfer of the deposit from our DPS account to the landlord’s DPS account.

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If I use a Let Only service, will you process the deposit at the end of the tenancy?
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