Yes – we would love to help. Having a poor credit rating will not prevent you finding a property to rent or being granted a tenancy. Before granting a tenancy we consider many factors (not just credit ratings) and different landlords will have different criteria. As a guide if you have a poor credit rating, subject to all references being satisfactory, you could be asked to pay more rent in advance (typically 6 months).

We never accept an application for a tenancy in the following situations:

  • Total sum of Active CCJs over the value of £4,000 within the last 3 years
  • Total sum of Satisfied CCJs over the value of £4,000 within the last 3 years

IVAs and bankruptcies are usually acceptable with payment of more rent in advance.

Finally, before applying for a tenancy we recommend you check your credit reports for errors or omissions to minimise the risk of rejection.

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